@Audited Annotation

Use this annotation to mark the entities that need to be audited

Maven Dependency

Add this dependency in pom.xml


Imports required

Import this inside the .java file

  • import com.venky.swf.plugins.audit.db.model.Audited


Lets say we have a table Contact which we want to Audit.

public interface Contact extends Model {

    public String getOwner();
    public void setOwner(String owner);

Where does audit data go?

  • Any change to table annotated with @Audited will be stored in ModelAudit table in the database.

  • ModelAudit stores the name of the Audited table in NAME column and ID of the edited row in MODEL_ID column

  • All the audited fields can be found in COMMENT column

  • Sample Comment Value

    • Lets say we changed owner field in Contact table. Below will be stored in comment

         "owner": {
             "old": "rohit",
             "new": "aman"